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Case study - Cutty Sark


Royal Museums Greenwich (RMG) is an organisation comprising four museums in Greenwich, London including the 19th Century Cutty Sark ship. RMG were exploring the use of AR on smartphones as part of their proposed Cutty Sark Alive Experience. Apps needed locate visitors within the ship so as to trigger audio, video and AR as part of the experience. As a proof of concept, RMG wanted to understand and prove the accuracy and latency of Bluetooth beacons.


Beaconzone provided on-site consultancy to assess the challenging site and advise on the expected beacon performance. Custom Android and iOS apps were developed to allow RMG staff to experiment with positioning and beacon parameters. We worked on-site with curators, conservators, IT and digital programmes staff to install beacons in various locations and test performance.


Consultancy imparted knowledge to bring digital programmes staff up to speed on the nuances of using beacons. Custom apps were supplied for use on the ship where standard techniques and apps would have been too slow to trigger and provide unsufficient fidelity of trigger distance. Work was completed within weeks to meet demanding end-of-year timescales.


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