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Architecture Design

It's common for projects to encounter problems when developing areas outside their expertise. Early, incorrect technical decisions can be frustrating, hamper future development and ultimately become costly mistakes.

We consider your existing systems, ready-made solutions, open source and custom components to realise your needs. While modern development methods avoid deep design, it's wise to have an overall architecture so that the project has direction and doesn't require multiple re-implementations to correct wrong and naive assumptions caused due to inexperience. 

We are one of the few independent experts on Bluetooth solutions. Start with a free chat to assess the scope of your project from which we create a proposal for an architecture design.


We are specialists in Bluetooth® LE solutions. We offer self-help information, beacon products and complete solutions to companies and organisations. Our UK limited company has been in business over 25 years. In our web store you will find the World's largest selection of beacons.


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