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Some projects hit unsurmountable problems that should have been known prior to commencement. Others commit to particular hardware that severely affects future development or causes large unforeseen costs.

These 'unknown unknowns' can lead to project failure or force pivoting in less desirable directions. Enlightened founders instead consult experts to reduce the risk of being caught out. A small initial study can prevent an expensive and embarrassing mistake.

We assess the degree to which your project is possible and advise on the software and hardware options. We answer your questions, uncover limitations and expose issues you might not have considered.

  • Avoid mistakes that you would otherwise make by going it alone
  • Understand any pragmatic decisions you might need to take
  • Get accurate costs and time estimates for implementation
  • Ensure you buy the optimal hardware
  • Prevent getting locked into platforms with unknown future costs and risks
  • Learn from our clients' past, anonymous, mistakes
  • Fast track Bluetooth knowledge into your organisation

We are one of the few independent experts on Bluetooth solutions. We provide two types of consultancy:


Micro-consultancy is quick, informal advice provided 'off the top of one's head' with no deep analysis or research. This is delivered via a one to one phone or video chat up to 40 minutes in length. The questions are mainly driven by you. They can be provided prior to the session to speed things up. We don't spend time reading documents and we don't sign a NDA. We usually email you afterwards with further information and web links that would otherwise be too time consuming to provide in the session.

£500 (+ vat if in the UK)


Our traditional consultancy is more formal and typically takes place over seven to ten working days. It starts with a free chat to assess the scope of your project from which we create a written proposal and quotation for a feasibility study. We sign an NDA if required. Consultancy continues with a discovery phase, where we learn more about your current situation and requirements. Unlike micro consultancy, we rather than you work out what might be the problems areas (and solutions/workarounds) based on our past experience. We produce a report providing, where applicable, insights into strategic direction, hardware options and the pros/cons of the various devices for your particular project, time estimates and costs, how the hardware should be configured to achieve your usecase and how hardware will integrate into your existing software systems and where necessary what new software will be required.

From £3000 (+ vat if in the UK)


We are specialists in Bluetooth® LE solutions. We offer self-help information, beacon products and complete solutions to companies and organisations. Our UK limited company has been in business over 25 years. In our web store you will find the World's largest selection of beacons.


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