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Despite the best of intentions, some projects 'going it alone' or outsourcing to unreliable offshoring realise they are out of their depth. This usually manifests itself as sudden or continual lack of developer progress. Such projects usually find that other developers are less interested in taking on half-developed code and insist on a complete re-write so as to not build on unknown and unreliable foundations.

However, there's a class of projects where the project is 99% complete but suffers from glitches, unreliability or unexpected performance constraints. It's these kinds of projects that can sometimes be rescued through a better understanding of how Bluetooth works. Relatively small changes can usually be made to improve mechanisms and/or hardware settings.

We are one of the few independent experts on Bluetooth solutions. Start with a free chat to assess the scope of your project from which we create a proposal for analysis and remediation.


We are specialists in Bluetooth® LE solutions. We offer self-help information, beacon products and complete solutions to companies and organisations. Our UK limited company has been in business over 25 years. In our web store you will find the World's largest selection of beacons.


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