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Hardware Sourcing

Some projects require large (3000+) numbers of custom or semi-custom Bluetooth devices. It's rarely economic to purchase through 3rd parties such as ourselves, especially when shipping needs to pass through more than one country's customs. You need to deal direct with manufacturers but how do you know which one is best? 

Working with manufacturers to create custom Bluetooth devices can be difficult and time consuming. Special care needs to be taken to prevent misunderstandings. It's time consuming due to the language and time barriers. There's also the matter of trust. Most won't be that interested unless they have sold to you previously. Unless you have an existing relationship with a manufacturer, you will usually find your enquiries either aren't taken seriously, aren't answered, are misunderstood or the purchased beacons aren't what you expected. We have found some manufacturers aren't even worth working with for various reasons. Sometimes organisations make the mistake of dealing with disreputable Alibaba middle-men rather than the end manufacturer. We can help with all these problems.

Many people come to us with incomplete, contradictory and confusing requirements that demonstrate they don't fully understand the requirement. This isn't just the 'unknown unknowns' but often too much emphasis on wrong factors. Manufacturers won't be interested if your specification is incomplete, ambiguous or too verbose.

We deal with almost all the manufacturers and know their strengths and weaknesses, what is a fair price and what specifications they require. We know the issues of sourcing hardware.

We offer consultancy to find a supplier. Once you have a supplier you purchase direct from the manufacturer factory.

We charge a fixed fee for hardware sourcing consultancy. This fee is small compared the cost of the actual hardware. It's a small price to pay to mitigate the risk of committing to large quantities of the wrong product.


  • Refine of your hardware specification based on your needs.
  • Work with our technical contacts at suitable manufacturers to work through a solution (This will take 5 to 8 weeks).
  • Advise on initial settings to be programmed at the factory.
  • Advise on software integration.

We are one of the few independent experts on Bluetooth solutions. Start with a free chat to assess the scope of your project from which we create a proposal for hardware sourcing.

Note: From our experience, manufacturers won't create samples in the promise of future sales. They need payment upfront. You will need to commit to 3000+ units before they are interested in creating new devices.


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